About Us

Every day, early each morning we start our mission – to produce great food!

We make all our own sandwich fillings

All of our salads – coleslaws – pastas – rice dishes etc. are made here in house.

A bakery supplies all of our bread and is delivered fresh everyday

All of our savouries – Sausage rolls pork pies etc. are baked in house freshly each morning

We make and bake all of our quiches here in house

We make our bruschetta canapes from a quality sourdough; we brush them in fine olive oil and use one of our many handmade toppings to finish them off. Simple stuff that takes time and a bit of thought!

All of our sandwiches are made and cut freshly by us each day. If this means coming in super early or employing an extra pair of hands, that’s what happens!

We make most of our own canapes and finger foods ourselves. Look for the word ‘handmade’ in our menus. This tells you what we have made ourselves.

We listen to our customers. No job is too small to be worthy of our attention. Infrequent, occasional, small and one off customers are treated the same as our bigger, more regular customers.

We change the menu daily for business lunches. This includes the type of bread. So if you are having a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day event or meeting that you are ordering food for, from us. You can be sure that the offering will vary so that your delegates, customers, staff get a nice variation.

We make all of our hot buffets from scratch using authentic recipes.

If we are catering for an event we ensure that everything is perfect, and that the food is authentic, made from the best ingredients.

Then we ensure that all of your food is presented beautifully and delivered carefully in our temperature controlled van.


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