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Recently we were asked to provide vegan catering for a well being, weekend retreat. So we devised a vegan buffet which was plant-based, high vibrational, vegan menu without using any refined sugars…..

After some careful thought, sourcing top quality ingredients (organic where possible) and meticulous prep and planning. We came up with a bespoke menu which hit the spot!

Raw Vegan ChocolateThe guests were greeted with homemade raw chocolates, before sitting down to a medley of vegetable curries, Tarka dhal and rice. Nicely finished off with a strawberry and blueberry chia seed compote.

The morning started with banana and blueberry overnight soaked oats, together with fresh cut fruits and vegan yoghurt. Also, sourdough bread topped with scrumptious spreads.

The offering for lunch was Sicilian minestrone soup, a selection of buddha bowls with; raw slaw, tabbouleh, Asian brown rice salad, leafy rocket salad…

Vegetables. Alway fresh

.. To name but a few. With baked beetroot and chickpea patties (it was like a rainbow on a plate)

Evening came and it was time for Tonys delicious Rasta stew. A bold marriage of delicate and punchy flavours. The crunchy textures of the colourful mixed peppers are cushioned with soft sweet potatoes, Then came the drool-worthy vegan desserts in a glass….

After breakfast on Sunday, the guests enjoyed bliss balls, nut butter energy bites and gluten-free oat snacks.

The retreat was complete when we served a traditional non-meat Sunday roast. Nut roast, fluffy roast potatoes, cheeseless cauliflower cheese, braised red cabbage with apples and balsamic, broccoli and carrots with a delicious nut gravy.

I have to say… The weekend was a resounding success!

I think that the testimonials speak for themselves.

If you have an event that requires vegan catering, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth.

Frances Moore Lappe.

Umami’ that elusive 5th taste sensation

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A spot of ‘accidental’ foraging, and a tip from one of the locals, down in West Wales yielded some salty additions to our pantry…These kelp, Sugar Kelp and Oarweed, make for a good addition to soups and stews and can add some ‘umami’ – that elusive 5th taste sensation, that makes us salivate, gets our gastric juices flowing, and adds richness to anything it accompanies (so we believe). We are going to dry it out (good use of the maiden) and and use it for seasoning in our home cooking… We’re thinking noodle soups, stir fry and fish dishes..