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Business lunches services Sandwiches, savouries and extras menu

Minimum order for delivery £30. Or Collect from WA2 as a minimum order of 1 platter

Sandwich Platters

Sandwich Platter 30 quarters £18

Roll platter 10 rolls 20 pieces £21

Ciabatta platter 10 ciabatta 30 pieces £25

Savoury Platters

Simple savoury platter Pork pies and Sausage rolls £15 (serves 5-8)

Sausage rolls and Cheese and Onion pasties £15 (serves 5-8)

Luxury savoury platter – Mini cheese pasties, mini beef pies, Mini mushroom Quiche, Mini cheese and ham quiche (Serves 5-8) £25

Indian Selection veggie– Onion Bhaji, Veg Samosa, Spring Roll £19 (serves 8-10)

Surf and Turf platter – Mini Yorkshire and beef with horseradish mayo canapes, chicken goujons, breaded butterfly prawns Cod goujons £27.50 (Serves 5-8)

Mixed Veggie Platter (no meat) – Mini Mushroom Quiche, Falafel and Feta Canapes, Mini Cheese pasties, Onion Bajhi and Veg Samosa £27.50 (Serves 5-8)


Mixed Cake platter A – Carrot, Caramel and Chocolate Cake mix

Half platter 10 pieces £7.50

Full platter 20 pieces £14

Mixed Cake Platter B – Carrot, Caramel, Chocolate cake and Danish Selection 

Half Platter 5 Cake and 5 Danish Pieces £12

Full Platter 10 cake pieces and 10 Danish pieces £21

Flapjacks and Cake bars £1.20 per person


Seasonal Fruit Bowl serves 8-10 (12 pieces aprox) £9.90

Seasonal Cut fruit platter serves 10 -12 £19.90


Per person Walkers £0.80

Per Person Seabrooks £0.55

Crisp bowl £5.50

Side salad dishes

House Coleslaw bowl £4.90

Chicken and Bacon Pasta Salad £7.90

Bacon, basil pesto and cherry tomato Pasta Salad £7.90

Basil pesto, Cherry tomato, Pepper Pasta Salad £7.90

Garden Salad £4.90

Greek Feta Salad £9.90

Chicken Caesar Salad £10.90


Cans £0.80

Still Water £0.80

Sparkling Water £0.80

Fruit Juice £1.20

Iced Elderflower and freshly squeezed lemon Cordial –  5 litre Kilner jar ready to Serve £20