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fork buffet & bowl food menu


Fork Buffet

Fork buffets are a special and, informal, way to entertain your guests. As it can be difficult to plan the perfect menu accounting for all tastes and ages, the classic buffet provides a choice for everyone. These dishes are attractively presented in large white dishes. We can arrange for staff to help with service. Guests can be invited table by table to avoid queues. For larger parties we can have two serving areas. We suggest that you choose a minimum of four mains and four salads. Desert is from either the buffet station or served plated to your guests. Please contact us for availability and prices.


Crab tart – fresh Welsh crab Whole dressed salmon and shell-on prawns with lemon mayonnaise
Provençale seafood salad with French beans and aioli dressing
Seafood platters with Scottish smoked salmon and mackerel,
Prawns and Crevettes served with Lime Mayonnaise or Aioli
Prawn and Beetroot Salad Insalata di Mare


Chargrilled chicken Caesar salad
Chicken niçoise salad with green beans and quails eggs
Salad of Middle Eastern grilled Chicken, bulgur wheat and pomegranates
The ultimate coronation chicken served with watercress, apricots and toasted almonds
Chicken, ham and apricot raised pie.

Meat Dishes

Beef niçoise salad of roast beef with a choice of horseradish cream or salsa verde
Platter of Italian charcuterie including Parma ham, Bresaola & Milano salami Glazed baked ham with brown sugar, mustard, rum and cloves
Italian rosemary roast ham Lamb
kleftiko – slow cooked lamb marinated in lemon, olive oil, garlic and herbs.


Spanakopita filo pie with spinach, feta and herbs
Open lasagne of char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables
Platter of British and continental cheeses served with a selection of chutneys
Goat cheese and red onion tart.


Platter of nut roast slices with bulgur wheat salad and crunchy pickled vegetables.
Couscous terrine with grilled red Peppers, aubergine, roasted tomato and shallot
Asian brown rice salad, Asian greens and tender-stem broccoli with tamari marinated tofu
Sicilian aubergine and bean with garlic and herb croutons
Cauliflower ‘steaks’. Chipotle and lime marinated cauliflower steaks chargrilled
Roast Portabello mushroom with a spiced coconut and spinach stuffing.

Salads & Side Dishes

Our salads and side dishes have top quality ingredients to deliver fresh, exciting flavours. We use a wide range of herbs and natural essences in our dressings, allowing seasonal flavours to harmonise perfectly.

Caprese salad with mozzarella, basil, olive oil and sea salt.
Organic baby leaf salad with summer herbs and honey and mustard dressing.
Chunky potato salad with grain mustard dressing, chives and parsley.
Romano tomato and avocado salad.
Parsley, mint, chickpea, tabbouleh salad with lemon.
Italian pasta salad with green beans, new potatoes, pine nuts with rocket pesto dressing.
Quinoa, green bean and mange tout salad with toasted hazelnuts and citrus dressing.
Fennel, mint, coriander and chilli salad.
Baked potato salad with spring onion, radishes and chives.
Persian rice salad with roasted nuts, pomegranate and dried fruit.
Watermelon, feta and niçoise olive salad.
Baby spinach, watercress, cucumber and strawberries with strawberry, Mint & Balsamic dressing.
Saffron-scented pilaff with courgettes and cashew nuts.
Griddled aubergine & roasted butternut salad with crumbled feta.
Summer vegetable salad with asparagus, chargrilled courgettes & butternut squash.
Haricot bean, new potato and tomato salad.
Quinoa, broccoli, carrot and green bean salad with nuts and a soy and ginger dressing.
Broad bean, pea and mint couscous.
Spanish chargrilled vegetables.
Marzano tomato basil salsa.

Hot Potato Dishes

Warm buttered new potatoes with fresh mint.
Roasted new potatoes with thyme and sea salt.
Jacket potatoes with Cheshire butter.
Triple cooked Maris Piper wedges with sea salt and fresh herbs.